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Venushaus Virtual Tempel​ 

Zsofia Frei , Switzerland

Biographical note Zsofia Frei is a Ph.D candidate at Eotvos Lorand University Philosophical Sciences Doctoral Program, Ancient Philosophy Department. Her interests include process philosophy and process theology as well as ecofeminism, tribal rituals and healing, integral studies, mysticism, musical theories, astrosophy, dance therapy.

Her dissertation is titled: Process -Therapy - Transformation: early roots of process theology along with the concept of the Worldsoul. Graduates: 2006 philosopher Ma, Ba at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest 2006 philosophy, ethics and social sciences teacher at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest Awards: 1999 OKTV first prize in philosophy1999:

participation in IPO: International Philosophy Olympics 2003: bronze award in science fund at Eötvös Lóránd University,Budapest Membership: 2002: founder member of the Hungarian and Central- European Whitehead Association - since 2009 vice president and international contact person 2007 member of the Hungarian Philosopher's Society 2009 hungarian board member of the International Process Network(IPN) 2009 member of the Whitehead Research Project (WRP) 2009 member of the Whitehead's Metaphysical Society 'interreligious dialogue' section 2009 member of the Thomas Aquinas Society 2009 starting of the Phd doctoral program in Antique philosophy in Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest Conferences: 2003 HIARPT International seminar, Dobogókő 2009 Thomas Aquinas Society: Thomas Aquinas and Thomism of Today: tradition, Interpretation and perspectives 2009 Whitehead Metaphysical Society: Philosophy of Nature and Process Philosophy Conference 2010 Flow conference: organisation, installation, submitting a paper, performance ( 2010 Doctoral conference, Elte-Btk, Budapest 2010 Ecophilosophical conference, Elte-Btk, Budapest 2010 Whitehead Metaphysical Society's Annual Whitehead Conference: From Organism to Society 2010 Social Action Exchange Program (SAE): Jerusalem, Budapest 2011 SAE conference, New York 2012 Self-Language- Reality Conference 2012 Whitehead Metaphysical Society's Annual Conference: Process Education- From School to Life, Katowice, Poland 9th IWC (2013) | Society and Process: From Theory to Practice (Krakow, Poland) Zsofia Frei - Timaeus and Whitehead:synchronising mathematics, music, astronomy, theology, to an integral dance and movement therapy towards a personal and global transformation 11th IWC (2017) | Nature in Process: Novel Approaches to Science and Metaphysics (Azores): Transformational kenosis through Emptyness and Beyond / Understanding the Chora, dancing in the circle /About the nature of Time and Space in the Spacetime continuum – a mystic study in „new” cosmology 12th IWC(2019) Process as Creativity–Process as Concern University of Brasilia:Gospel of Creation within the Womb of the Mother, abstract for section 4. Whitehead and Ecological Civilization: Ecology, Ethics, Economics, and Law -

„Schechina”, as an epiphany of the divine, as feminin : endevours within the Red Tent Temple in the Womb of the Mother, Process thought and feminism section

I try to live a life which is worthy to live, to be happy and to find unison between God and Nature along the divine pattern, where transformation is possible.. We can be born, walk and grow, move within Gods Love-Nature, within that sacred, healing "Space", which I sense, experience, write and which I try to open and keep for "circles". I grounded my Venushaus more then 10 years ago I think and it was always one of the hobby projects, a kind of umbrella of everything. But I never was really conscious about what does it mean - I come closer to understand lately. Venushaus for me is nothing else, than that healing "space" of love, where we feel ourselves good, supported, empowered. We have our hobby family atelier together with my 4 children now, where we do mainly recycling art objects. I wish to get to a "new level" of realising my aims, namely from the product-oriented viewpoint towards a process-oriented "therapy". I love to heal myself and others through arts. I am really moved by feminin topics, women issues and deep ecology, I am trying to elaborate an ecosophical spirituality in my writings. I am active on more levels, we have our regular red tent tempels, where we gather with other women in our "circle", we run different cultural projects and try to start a kind of "venushouse" where children play themselves happy and where women feel safe and supported, empowered.. My vision as a mother and as a woman is to open a safe, sacred "space", where people gather to heal and to play, to create, to dance and to draw - where process itself turns to be important.. I am a whiteheadian philosopher and process thinker, I am researching but also Goddess wisdom, rituals, shamanism and a kind of natural theology, working on a huge manuscript and a cosmo-therapy. Besides 10 years at the University to gain my MA+BA in Philosophy, Ethics- and Social sciences Teacher I learnt to be an actress, puppeteer, dramateacher and pantomim artist. I am also a chakradance and a red tent tempel facilitator, I learnt drawing analysis methods of SSCA and enjoyed 4 years training of the dance-and movement therapy, MMTA. Besides I have an increasing interest in Nature and natural therapy, music therapy and sound healing, colour-and chrystal-healing, the wisdom of medicine plants and the sounds of planets. I see myself as a kind of modern medicine woman, who learnt also shamanic methods, but lives nevertheless as a "modern" woman within the atomist, capitalist, individualist, plutocratic, patriarchal, demagog and harmful, misleaded society. But I see our role, as women not as fighters of the old feminist style: we are healers, we are wombs, we are the keeper of the "space"..we need to re-connect with our power and we need to support each other. Start "circle work" and connect your circles, as soon as possible to help Mother Earth to heal herself and help humankind to a new level to arise!.. The "New Earth" and "New Heaven" comes perhaps that way and we need to unite them within ourselves.. I had small enlightenments this year summer, meanwhile our IWC in Azores, I felt so connected with Nature.. but I was so lost in researching and re-connecting myself with the sacred feminin, and Goddess-wisdom, that I needed someone to open my eyes to the new task, to heal the masculine side and understand the sacred masculine. Since I experienced that "sacred marriage" of energies within our tree I see my future task as learning to facilitate men circles, as well, next year.. Untill then we have a lot to do here, we try to fix our virtual tempel and online courses and forum and start a broadcasting or podcast this winter. I work on a manuscript and on a video script paralel, if I manage to understand I can step perhaps to a new level.. I would like to make my coming out and connect myself with similar-minded people around the globe and open a "sacred space" virtually, globally, but make also the "circle-work" locally.. Through our healing network a lot can be done within the noosphere - within the "consciousness" or "soul" of Gaia. Please keep the virtual space clean and help to attune it to good frequencies..

Wir sind eine fröhliche Familien-Bastelwerkstatt, in der ich mit meinen beiden Töchtern zusammen arbeite, wenn ich ein wenig Zeit neben dem Haushalt und allem Möglichen darund herum habe:) Sie liegt mir sehr am Herzen und wirkt auch als Therapie für meine Seele. Ich mag es einfach, etwas selber herzustellen, zu spielen, tanzen, musizieren, singen, stricken, häkeln, basteln und vor allem: sammeln... Was ich auch mag ist Recycling! In den letzten Jahrzehnten bin ich ein ziemlicher Recyclingfreak geworden...Man kann einfach fast alles verarbeiten vom Petflaschen-Deckel bis zu alten Textilien und Kleidern, von Alu Dosen bis Tetrapak. Ich habe verschiedene Ideen von internationalen Strassen- und Recyclingkünstlern gelernt, aber ich bin immer noch ständig beim Lernen neue Techniken und kombiniere immer selber etwas Neues daraus. Unser aktuelles Projekt ist der Pet-Retextil Hocker - coming soon! - Ich bin diplomierte Philosophie- , Ethik- und Sozialkunde Lehrerin, Dramapedagogin, aber auch diplomierte Schauspielerin, Puppenspielerin und Pantomimin. Ich war 4 Jahre lang in Tanztherapie Ausbildung und habe daneben auch Trancedance, Dynamische Meditation, Joga und Integral Ausdruck-und Tanztherapie Methoden gelernt und praktiziert - sowohl alleine als auch in der Gruppe. Auch Kunsttherapie und Zeichentest habe gelernt. Jetzt eröffne ich endlich eine eigene Werkstatt für alle interessierten Kinder- und Erwachsenen..

Bei uns gibt's jetzt folgende Workshops, Kurse und Leistungen - es ist ab sofort möglich sich anzumelden und zu buchen oder einfach erst einmal vorbeizukommen und alles anzuschauen!:)